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Spirit of Nations

The Spirit of Nations

The Spirit of Nations - Armonicum de Logos

The most important occurrence of the event Expo 2015 which brought together the world at the same time and in the same space from 1 May to 31 October 2015 is the awakening of the Spirit of Nations.

The subject of food, the primary source of survival, the report resulting with the territory, led leads nations on a common plan of listening, observing mutual similarity, of I mirror, finally, inevitably, because children of the same Father, or because they are biologically related, in a hearing of solidarity and brotherhood.

Spirit Nations has made a first hug but now needs a more mature and definition of a physical structure, to raise his head and put his eyes in vision.

There are conditions to go further, beyond the first level of solidarity linked to physical survival, to switch from feeding the body the nourishment of the soul.

The nations of the world have to offer not only material food but much more food, in every country there is the ethical and spiritual heritage that comes from the experiences and memories from the ancient civilization.

The next level with which unite nations in a single frequency network colleagues in men, women, territories, is the level of values, ethics, morals.

This is the vision of Armoricum de Logos.

Our Action

Our Action - Armonicum de Logos
  Armoricum de Logos was inserted in the embrace of Nations, a side effect of the initial theme of food and not by all perceived, by going to stimulate and bringing a specific contribution.

A stimulus to reflection on values, semi essential to underpin shared ethical principles which could constitute the "Ethics Charter of the New World" was the first step to bring attention to the survival (food) to the moral and spiritual nourishment that the ports' man to a higher goal.

What is the highest goal? The worthy realization of the divine attributes of which man is the incarnation, in behaviors and actions geared to the Brotherhood of Peace, shared prosperity, Harmony among nations.

Our action, which did not end with Expo Milano 2015 but from here it originated, is shown in the sections below:

Visit to the Nations

Meeting in Expo2015


Armonicum de Logos Meets World

The Association de Armoricum Logos witness the centuries of the Spirit of Nations, has physically met between June and September, representatives of over 100 nations present in Expo2015 Milan. 

Tour in the world bringing Harmony and Soul