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Purchase of Symbolum

Where you can find it

Where you can find it - Armonicum de Logos

The Armonicum can be purchesed at:


Centro Studi Aletheia Etymos

Viale Murillo 46

20149 Milano ITALY

tel. +39 02 48020384



or see the section: Shop dedicated to the purchase on-line,

for the choice of colors (and know the correspondent meaning) we suggest you to see the section: color choice

Technical features

Technical features - Armonicum de Logos

The Symbolum measures approximately 30mm x 40mm, its weight is about 5 grams.

It is made of alluminio, the colors are incorruptible by time and elements.

It is wrapped and tied in a white cord for use in pendant mode.

It can be inserted in other necklace or chockers, used as accessory, or hanging in home.

Human features

Human features - Armonicum de Logos

Wearing Armonicum or exposing it to other people's view, be aware that It conveys the values of Peace Harmony Love - Wisdom Faith Awareness - Purity Truth.


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