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Meeting in Expo2015

Harmony among Nations: Ethics of the New World

Harmony among Nations: Ethics of the New World - Armonicum de Logos

It took place in the afternoon of Wednesday, October 28 at Expo Milano 2015, in the hall of the main workshops Cascina Triulza crowded with an audience attentive and involved, an event focused on the theme "Harmony between Nations: Ethics of the New World."

The result of work started on June 24, the Association de Armoricum Logos met physically in the pavilions of Expo 2015 representatives of 120 countries encouraging them to give their contribution to the cultural and moral focused on these three points:

If you had to identify one and only one, which harbors as heritage value and breadth of your land?
What value do you recognize to be universal and suitable for every people and every nation?
What is the key to making a reality of what we declare a global level and will put in the "Ethics Charter of the New World"?

These fundamental questions, profound but also simple - in fact evidence that have been placed in celebrity but also in children - are the core on which to originate the emergence of heterogeneous values ​​but shared that, like grains of the same pomegranate, compose and define this new common breath.

Partecipation of Nations

Partecipation of Nations - Armonicum de Logos

The appreciation and gratitude for the initiative by the UN for the gift dell'Armonicum and the involvement of spiritual and ethical issues during the visit to the halls is merged with the presence of some Directors of Pavilion or General Commissioners, in representation of the 120 nations involved from June to October in the project "Harmony of Nations: Ethics of the New World."

Each speaker brought their own contribution to the theme of the event declining his vision of harmony between nations.

Thank you for their contributions: Anita Triposkoufi, Deputy Director of the Pavilion of Greece for Expo Milano 2015, Mohammed Al-Bloshi, Director of the Qatar Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015, Ahmed Tejan Daramy, Director of the Pavilion of Sierra Leone for Expo Milano 2015

The conference had as a prestigious setting to the Voice of Nations, the participation and intervention of Bruno Marasà, director of Bureau of Milan of the European Parliament for EU European Union, Daniela Lauber, Sacred Ambassador Nomination for World Peace, Sister Anna Monia Alfieri expert in educational policies.

Keynote of one of the speakers

Keynote of one of the speakers - Armonicum de Logos

Ahmed Tejan Daramy
Director of Sierra Leone Pavilion Expo Milano 2015

“il raggiungimento dell’armonia tra le nazioni è una grande opportunità, che tutti noi dobbiamo prendere sul serio, infatti l'armonia tra le nazioni assicura la pace e la pacifica coesistenza, senza la quale sarebbe difficile parlare di sviluppo”.

"the achievement of harmony among nations is a huge opportunity, that all of us must take seriously, infact harmony among nations ensure peace and peaceful co-existence, without which it would be difficult to talk about development."

Harmony amonmg Nations: Etichs of the New World
October 28, 2015
Fondazione Triulza

The Spirit of Nations feeds by Values

The Spirit of Nations feeds by Values - Armonicum de Logos

"The highest values, such as the Peace, can not be imposed on a nation, but may be the result in a pyramidal sequence which goes upward as desired consequence and found, as a point of natural arrival of the path defined by the previous values. "


"In this journey the man and the nation, bring out their highest potential, like a volcano that leads surfaced crystals most valuable, there is nothing better than the outline of the beauty and the value and beauty to inspire other other value. "