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The 8 harmonics

The 8 harmonics - Armonicum de Logos
The Armonicum de Logos is manifested by the first eight harmonics.

The first who have returned to us from the past and the future and in the present folded up the story  and their eternal vibration sound .

Each of them has its own name that is the sound of your own vibration and works in those who choose it and feel in their hearts.

Four are shiny and belong to the solar vibration, four are opaque and belong to the moon vibration, and between them vibrate each other and go into connection.

Gold and Orange      Silver and Green      Copper and Blue      Bronze and Violet

Harmonics are for all people, but not all men are able to reach the harmonica because it has to happen something inside you that makes feel naturally for you and that makes feel you are ready.


The solar shiny vibrations  are:

Gold the right 29 the wise 19

Silver the keeper 7 the guardian 38

Copper the heir 97 the immense 33

Bronze the witness 50 the powerful 8

The moon opaque vibrations are:

Orange the creator 11 the merciful 1

Green the living 62 the grateful 35

Blue the amiable 30 the charitable 79

Violet the saint 4 the generous 42

Gold harmonic

Gold harmonic - Armonicum de Logos

 “The one who gives everything”

This is the Harmonic that relates to change, it makes us dynamic and brings out the need for new experiences and the will to realize themselves. It stimulates awareness and sense of truth. It gives strength and courage to the changes that life offers, always turning them into opportunities. It helps us to focus the attention on ourselves and on our inner voice, toward the common good.


Silver harmonic

Silver harmonic - Armonicum de Logos

“The one who guards”

This is the Harmonic of gratitude and it keeps our thought fluid. It helps us to live positively and to build our life generously. It is useful in all situations of stress and tension. It makes us active and dynamic, protecting us from apathy and passivity. It stimulates the co-operation, facilitating the mutual understanding. 


Copper harmonic

Copper harmonic - Armonicum de Logos

 “The one who gives life”

This is the Harmonic of love, it strengthens the capacity of loving and understanding others. It brings attention to what makes sense for our lives and it leads to a life lived in a profound way. It enlights our life towards a common project. It is useful in times of trouble caused by the wounds of the heart.


Bronze harmonic

Bronze harmonic - Armonicum de Logos

“The one who is manifested

 It is the Harmonic that favors our solar nature and leads us to our inner awareness. It helps us to dissolve the resistance and supports our ancestral roots. It instills motivation towards life and our future. It facilitates reminiscence and urges perceptions. It helps us to release old pains and traumas. It liberates us from stagnant energies. It supports us in every physical situation that is not harmonic. He works on blood circulation.


Orange harmonic

Orange harmonic - Armonicum de Logos

“The one who enlightens”

 It is the Harmonic of liberation, it stimulates the joy of living and make us extroverts. It gives us courage and openness to the outside, it helps us to find solutions more easily. It reduces tensions and generates spontaneous understanding.


Green harmonic

Green harmonic - Armonicum de Logos

“The one who raises prosperity” 

 This is the Harmonic that protects against external influences, allowing us to make our experiences in synchronicity and harmony. It is the great cleaner of guilt, remorse and it allows us to overcome the internal conflicts caused by external judgment. It helps us becoming aware of ourselves and allows us to recognize what we don't belong to.


Blue harmonic

Blue harmonic - Armonicum de Logos

“The one who embraces everything” 

 This is the Harmonic that spreads tranquility and peace within heart and mind. It has a calming and reassuring action, helping us to make our desires more concrete. It helps us beaing ourselves without compromise and it strengthens our manifestation. It helps us to express our feelings easily, and it stimulates the sense of order.


Violet harmonic

Violet harmonic - Armonicum de Logos

“The one whom everything returns” 

 This is the Harmonic of justice, it activates our critical skills, honesty and uprightness. It helps us getting out of difficult situations, promotes concentration and allows us to process crisis moments. It's a great transformer of all inner dynamics. It liberates us from the constraints thus stimulating the vision of the new era.


Harmonics of the Logos: the successive versions

Harmonics of the Logos: the successive versions - Armonicum de Logos

Harmonics of the Logos manifests in Decembre 2016 the three versions connected to the water element.

Harmonic Sacred Water color

14 He who gives form

lunar opaque vibration

Harmonic Pure Water color

28 The Observer

lighter lunar opaque vibration

Hrmonic Life Water color

56 The Patron

solar shiny vibration

Harmonic Sacred Water color

Harmonic Sacred Water color - Armonicum de Logos

He who gives form to everything

Lunar opaque vibration.

It is the harmonic that manages to transform ideals into concrete events. It allows everyone to communicate with his own soul and listen his own heart. It gives willness and pure energy to best fullfit his  mission.

Harmonic Pure Water color

Harmonic Pure Water color - Armonicum de Logos

He who watches everything gives him life.

 Lighter lunar opaque color vibration.

It's the harmonica that lets you see things in the right perspective. A pure breath that brings the joy of living and brings everything in its best light.


Harmonic Life Water color

Harmonic Life Water color - Armonicum de Logos

He who protects as a Father 

Shiny solar vibration.

It is the harmonic of the great protection and the overcoming of loneliness, of the sense of abandonment. It is the Father's prayer to his children.