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Its Constitution

Its four parts

Its four parts - Armonicum de Logos

 The symbol consists of four parts. The whole presents a simple reality: Armonicum de Logos comes to remind us that we belong to the project of the Universal Soul. The inner fire is strengthened and it brings us with dedication to the mission of our soul. Protector of the righteous, it generates order and harmony towards the universal good.

Armonicum de Logos composition

Greek Pi

Greek Pi - Armonicum de Logos

The greek letter pi (3.14 numerical constant) indicates the ratio of a circle to its diameter, it represents the research of mystery, the myth of squaring the circle.

The circle represents perfection, it is the archetype emotionally perceivable that stands for the continuous cycle, the eternal return, the time the does not ends nor begins, as well as for the tracing the contour of the circumference not from landmarks and it is the symbol of the Eternal.

Greek Phi

Greek Phi - Armonicum de Logos

The greek letter phi, the twenty-first letter of the greek alphabet, is used in mathematics in its lowercase form to indicate the "golden section" as it is the first letter of the greek architect and sculptor Phidias, believed to have been the first to use this special section in his works in a consciously way. The Golden Number Φ defined 1,618 is closely linked with the Fibonacci sequence that describes the process of Creation and Evolution in nature.

Tau letter

Tau letter - Armonicum de Logos
The letter Tau, last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, brings the mystical meaning of the symbol of salvation.

In the book of Ezekiel and Revelation of St. John, the symbol of salvation is depicted on the front of the faithful servants of God as a sign of protection.
The first public performance in more recent times is connected to the Knights of the Tau, the first chivalry order of history, founded in 1056 in Altopascio (Teu Pascio) by Matilda of Canossa with 12 faithful disciples.
St. Francis expressed great affection and devotion for this sign, until it becomes the symbol of his own order, made of olive wood: its meaning is associated with the value of peace.


Ark - Armonicum de Logos

This symbol represents the Ark of the Testimony.

The Four Vibrations.

The Tetramorph.

The Living Creatures.