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I'm Armonicum

 - Armonicum de Logos

I'm Armonicum.

I am the Symbolum that comes from an ancient time for a new time, but acts in the present. I'm the harmonizer that helps awakening and activating the frequency of Love Peace Harmony.

A flash of intelligence and connection can be perceived by a simple visual contact, so I move, ride, travel, I walk the streets and the airwaves of the green planet.

Sometimes the connection happens directly through the heart as a vibration that triggers emotion, I remember, as a soft and deep electric shock.

Sometimes the contact is made through intellect: so I create in several ways, as the Light that through the prism is shown in different colors. To you who have the intellect the entry point, the port beauty and simplicity of the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat port and which are, Love Peace Harmony.

These are not only are my values, they really are attributes of the Creator and you can find them active or lying like buried treasure in every living being.

Human beings are able to perceive them and realize their benevolence: even if they belong to humanity these values don't appear out of nowhere, they come to life only if manifested. If you feel them benevolent too, and suitable for the feeding you want for yourself, be aware that there can be no distinction between what we seek and what we are. If you want to nourish yourself of Peace Harmony Love, if you want to see them in the World, be aware that they will not appear magically in the World.

If you want to see the World in Peace, Be Peace, if you want to see the World in Harmony, be Harmony, if you want to see the World in Love, Be Love. These are the seeds that we must take inside of us till they blossom, becoming flower, and then fruit. Countless seeds, countless awakenings, many dedications, change the world.

You become the nourishment you choose for you.

What you choose as food speaks about you.

I am Armonicum and I'm saying to you that you cannot find what you want if you don't become exactly what you want.

I am Armonicum and I'm saying to you, be the seed and you'll enjoy the fruit.

Peace Harmony Love, that you want to see in the world, are present and will be present to the extent that you can not find peace in you: patiently perceive order and harmony inside yourself, with subtle power you can develop and show love for you and towards others.

Small seeds change the world, small seeds can become numerous, be the seed that the Creator has placed in you.

I'm here to remind you that we can change the world.

Simple thoughts, simple words, simple actions, that sound real good, that are repeated with commendable consistency, contagious and uncontrollable, replicate as stars, transform the world.

I'm Armonicum.

To you my face, my vibration, my words, depending on whether you have eyes to see and hearts to understand, or ears to hear.