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Permanent Event "Harmony Saves the World"

Permanent Event "Harmony Saves the World" - Armonicum de Logos

The Symbolum want to bring his presence and his essence, his eye contact, the frequency of Brotherhood Peace Harmony Love, in every point of the Blue Planet.

Contribute to this aim the friends of Armoricum that make the symbol co-star of their travel and their move into the world and spread the energy of Harmony and participation.

We welcome the images from the world - the world being the recipient of his action - that are sent to the email contatto@armonicumdelogos.org or shared with the hashtag #ArmonicumMeetsWorld .

Permanent Activity "Armonicum Meets World"

Permanent Activity "Armonicum Meets World" - Armonicum de Logos

The Symbolum wants to bring harmony and convey to people as possible through eye contact. A good way to achieve this is its presence in the form of a small poster (A3 or A4) present in very busy places such as business, schools, esericizi malls, bars, restaurants, theaters, clubs.

Its presence in places you can hold your peace by those who choose to support the mission and values of Peace Harmony Love and allow the spread of the visual symbol Harmonizer.

The custom poster and its location are published on the facebook page Armoricum.

For engagement and wider participation those which host the poster are invited to declare their simple sentence dedicated to one of three values Peace Harmony Love: is the personal impulse that is placed in the World.

These pulses are stored and displayed in graphical form on their albums dedicated.

Contest "Armonicum Meets Children"

Contest "Armonicum Meets Children" - Armonicum de Logos

The event is billed as the facebook page Armoricum the "First Contest Armoricum meets Children" and here in the official web site, the following features and how to participate. A foot page and fill out the coloring.

The mission of spreading the values ​​of Peace Harmony Love is loving immediate resonance to the world of children, in fact they have innate conception and presence of Harmony.
With this contest Armoricum want to collect children's thoughts, their colors, their perception of Harmony and the sensations associated with it.
We look through the eyes of children ...
We listen to what children have to say ...

there are 3 prizes, which will be 3 Symbolum shaped pendant.

the award is given to the Association awards Armoricum de Logos.


The works are made visible here: http://www.sitonline.it/www/content_management.ctr?id_pagina=3448640&album=184860 . 

Conference "Festival Città Olistica" Modena

Conference "Festival Città Olistica" Modena - Armonicum de Logos

Conference of Modena, June 1, 2015, 18:00, Room 2, Colonial House.