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The birth of the Association

The birth of the Association - Armonicum de Logos

On April 8th, 2015 the Armonicum de Logos Association was founded. Armonicum de Logos is a cultural and spiritual association, born from the encounter between people united by a deep inner bond,inspired by the sharing of all important values that are focused on humanity and determine values, principles, attitudes and actions aimed at awakening memories and reminding us that we are sons of God. The mission of this group is to promote, disseminate, expand seeds ​​of Peace Harmony Love in the minds and behaviors of men and women, with the awareness that they are attributes of God and represent the main pillars on which we can base the birth of a new world to which we could belong. The starting point is confidence in the spiritual awakening of humanity, which contains the matrix of recognition and resonance of right, beautiful, good things, which may finally be reactivated in a global circuit permeated with the right frequencies of moving towards the Light. On April 16th, 2015, the Armonicum de Logos Association has registered the Memorandum of Association (under art. 2704 of the Italian Civil Code) at Italian Revenue Register and obtained the tax code 91136430153

The 3 pillars

The 3 pillars - Armonicum de Logos

Love Peace Harmony are the invisible pillars that are emerging, they have the force and the power of attracting and unveiling all other pillars, which are the very qualities and attributes of God.
Peace is the starting condition so that the heart of the individual can accept God and He will dwell in it.
Harmony is the invisible architecture of every form of beauty and order, it is the condition of achievement and maintenance in order to build, expand, live, within the laws of nature.
Love is the breath of God, the highest and the most natural fulfillment of life. 

Memorandum of Association

 - Armonicum de Logos

The Mission

The Mission - Armonicum de Logos

The Armonicum de Logos Association is committed to spreading by means of words, messages, contents, social media, website, posters, flash mob, mass communications, events, adherence to the values declared in the mission and their active growth in human relations in order to achieve a more widespread well-being of body, soul, spirit.

A key element of this activity is the symbol called Symbolum: it graphs through the evocative power of its image, the mission of disseminating the values of Peace Harmony Love.