Armonicum de Logos Meets World

Armonicum de Logos Meets World - Armonicum de Logos

Armonicum de Logos brings in Italy and in the World its breath of Peace Harmony Love - Faith Wisdom Awareness - Purity Truth.

What is related in time and space preserves its etheric and energetic imprint. The points are marked and spread for a connection that engages in different highers and levels on the Green Planet.

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 - Armonicum de Logos

I am . I Render Myself Visible - I Partecipe

Armoricum de Logos after traveling the lands of the green planet and moving along latitude and longitude turns renewed attention now at the sight of men.

The lightweight and enveloping breath of Harmony (who bears within it Justice Peace and Love) comes from the eyes and penetrates deep in the Wisdom (which bears within it Faith and Awareness) and finally, triumphantly, emerges in the heart in the presence of Purity and Truth.

The Symbolum is union of symbols that communicate through an inner journey in steps of approaching the Logos.

We are at the last phase of the path in 3 stages: Peace Harmony Love, Wisdom Faith Awareness, Purity and Truth.

The Logos is made perfect.

The simple vision of Armonicum poses on a listening frequency and will to receive the attributes of the Logos attributes that are seen as deep breaths soul awakened.


To facilitate its spread, in this time, it has been activated the option to have the Armoricum through online purchase. The Shop section show how get it.

 - Armonicum de Logos



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